Volterra plants Cocoons in Salamanca

On March 10th, Egbert Sonneveld and Sven Kallen, co-founders of Volterra Ecosystems visited Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre’s biological reserve located in the Campanarios de Azaba, outside Salamanca, Spain. Guided by the NGO’s president himself, Carlos Sánchez, Volterra was able to get a special guided tour of the remarkable reserve and its ambitious endeavours.

This reserve boasts amazing Dehesa landscapes and is home to many different projects aimed to conserve biodiversity and enhance natural capital. From a rewilding conservation project that covers over 520 hectares, to ecotourism facilities and birdwatching activities, the Campanarios de Azaba is a truly unique oasis for the Spanish environment.

Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre was created in 1994 and is one of the most important and active conservation and environmental associations in Spain. Sonneveld and Kallen were able to discuss future joint projects along with FNYH along western Spain and Portugal.

In light of the recent FTI Cocoon project, while Kallen and Sonneveld were there, they also planted some of Land Life Company’s Cocoons to test them out on the reserve. These will surely serve as models to compare functionality after the project optimizes and improves the production line. The reserve was very interested in learning about the results, since lower prices could be an attractive solution to landscape improvement in Azaba.

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