Mine restoration with Cocoons completed

Over the last few days several hundred Cocoons were planted at the Cantera de Lucas mine (close to Alcover in the southern part of Catalonia). This has arguably been the most challenging trial planting to date due to the very bad terrain, with rocky, sandy and very limited soil structure. The owners of the mine and technical personnel have been involved in the restoration activity and are enthusiastic about the added value of the Cocoon for their mine, not only regarding the slow but constant water supply but also in terms of soil cover and provider of a micro-climate around the young saplings.

Up until now it has been almost impossible to reforest mined areas; even with expensive irrigation systems it is very difficult to keep the young trees alive. Several hundreds of these mines exist just in Spain alone, so the market opportunity is clear if we’re able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the newly developed version of this water saving device. Like in the other areas we’ll keep a close eye on the growth and survival rates of these trees the coming months.