FTI Cocoons planted in Villalman in Leon

After the plantation of oaks with truffles in May, the Volterra planting team in Palencia was asked to find another plot with a different soil type to get more experience with the new FTI Cocoon. We got a request from an old man from Villalman near Shagun, famous stop on the St James Road to Santiago de Compostela, to plant inoculated oak trees on a spot where in the past wild truffles have been collected as well. The soil type is different from the one in Palencia being full of gravel. The local constructor dug the holes in a very dry soil and the Volterra team planted the trees with the Cocoons. On the plot there is a well that needed to be deepened in order to have water to fill the Cocoons. The old man, living at 500 meters from the plantation, will supervise the plants and the (water level in the) Cocoons during all summer.