One year after planting Landlifecompany visits the oak plantation in Baltanas (Palencia)

Harrie Lövenstein, technical evaluator of Landlifecompany, has visited together with Egbert Sonneveld from Volterra a plantation of oak trees inoculated with ecto mycorrhizae in Baltanas near Palencia. The place is called ‘El Cercado’ and is owned by Cristina Brunet. They were received by Alejandro who is responsible for the maintenance of this beautiful property of[…]

Successful promo tour FTI Cocoon

On the 15th and 16th of March 2018, a promo tour was organized by Volterra, Landlife and FGW in order to disseminate the great results obtained in the FTI Cocoon project within the H2020 programme. The tour counted with the presence of representatives of companies and NGOs from all over the world (Netherlands, Spain, Chile,[…]

Haciendo bosques con futuro sobre el terreno

La restauración del territorio es una herramienta de conservación con muchos aliados y que busca mitigar algunas de las acciones del ser humano para devolver a un ecosistema su estado original. Por ello los últimos avances tecnológicos en materia de restauración del territorio son siempre un motivo de interés en Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre. Su[…]

Final SCM in Barcelona

Today, the teams of Landlife Company, Volterra and FGW have met in Barcelona to discuss the final steps of the FTI Cocoon project in their 6th and final SCM. The status of the production process and monitoring of the plantations were explained by the respective partners. Also, an administrative update and planning for the Final[…]

Landlife company actively targeting dryland restoration experts

As part of FTI Cocoon project objectives to interest multiple stakeholders for the Cocoon, LandLife Company took part in an international course on restoration of degraded drylands and monitoring of desertification processes in Zaragoza (February 5-12, 2018). On this occasion, a poster presentation was given on the Cocoon-technology to land restoration experts originating from Northern[…]

Mine restauration showing excellent results

Today, the Volterra team did another round of monitoring visits in Alcover (Tarragona area). We also checked the mine restoration project. Mines are very challenging to restore as there is almost no top soil and just rocks and stones. In this FTI trial with the new Cocoons we managed approx. 85% survival rate and this[…]