Meeting at the production and testing facility

Following the periodical FTI-meeting in June, representatives of LLC and FGW met up again at the production and testing facility in Polenz/Bischofwerda. Analyzing a number coating experiments regarding water tightness, opportunities for automated production were explored. Although preliminary results look promising other options remain open. Hence possibilities were discussed for a flexible production line setup,[…]

Spanish agrowaste study in progress

The team of Volterra has been exploring several agricultural fields in Catalonia over the last few weeks. The objective is to find sources of agrowaste in large quanties available and with the correct characteristics (especially presence of useful of fibers, i.e. their length and distribution; presence of pollutants such as protein, sugars; and lignin contents) to[…]

Kick-off of the H2020 FTI Cocoon project held in Amsterdam

On February 22nd-23rd, partners of the FTI Cocoon project met in the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam to officially kick-off the start of the European Commission co-funded project, part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation financing programme. The FTI Cocoon (under Grant Agreement nº 700615) focuses on the optimization of the production line of[…]

FTI Cocoon will be funded by Horizon 2020

FTI Cocoon was submitted under in the second cut-off of the new Horizon 2020 “Fast Track to Innovation Pilot” programme, a new call inside the research and innovation framework of the European Commission aimed towards accelerating the introduction of innovative ideas to the market. During the first year, the European Commission has awarded € 32.7 million to 15[…]