New monitoring visit FTI trial areas

The last few days we visited the different South Catalonia trial sites for the FTI project. Among the visits we saw a previous experiment of April 2015 where we planted almonds with Cocoons. We saw fantastic growth of these almonds. No irrigation nor fertiliser has been given and especially 2017 summer has been brutal here[…]

Excellent survival rates of Cocoons

Over the course of the summer Volterra’s team has monitored the several plantings that were undertaken last Spring. In general good results were obtained. In the pictures some details of the Pla de Santa María plantation in possibly the worst possible conditions: an illegal waste dump that was covered in stones, rock and just very[…]

FGW production site visit by IRIS

Today, the team of IRIS uav services visited FGW’s factory in Lodz (Poland) to film the production process and interview the responsible managers for the Cocoon production. FGW has 2 factories (also one in Germany), but Poland is currently producing the new Cocoons as they have more space and the right equipment to incorporate all[…]

First successful automatic waxing trials

As was announced recently, we’ve been testing our new automatic waxing line and the results are very promising. Due to IP restrictions we cannot show the video, but production results have been satisfactory. This new element will form an important part of the new FTI Cocoon production setup, in order to not only obtain a[…]

Trial plantings finished

In the toughest months of the year (April until early June) and in which normally nobody plants any trees anymore, the Volterra team planted several thousand new Cocoons in 6 locations to test them for their functionality. The trees (a mixture of oaks, pines and local species) were planted in different terrains (quarry mine, burnt[…]

FTI Cocoons planted in Villalman in Leon

After the plantation of oaks with truffles in May, the Volterra planting team in Palencia was asked to find another plot with a different soil type to get more experience with the new FTI Cocoon. We got a request from an old man from Villalman near Shagun, famous stop on the St James Road to[…]